Handmade Nature Inspired Exclusive Ceramics

Welcome to the SevaCeramics.
 I discovered ceramic in fall 2014 and been doing it professionally for 2 years. It took me a while to find myself as an artist. I’m educated and experienced oil portrait artist and muralist. I got additional education in USA as well and worked in animation more than 2 years. Working with clay has become vital part of my life. It supplies me with its magic. This material is plastic and supple when you start working with it and it becomes lasting and reliable at the end. I find this incredible transformation breathtaking. My creations are combination of natural richness of clay texture, which reveals natural beauty of other materials. It is expressed in combination of wood, glass, metal in harmony with clay. These art objects won't lose their functionality. I leave the clay not glazed very often to emphasize the beauty of natural material.

 CLAY. Soft responsive clay works with you, never against you... nothing is permanent, any unwanted marks can be smoothed over easily...clay reflects the maker's desire immediately. It responds to every touch, firm, gentle, or in between.

 I impressed by uniqueness and perfection of nature. The ideas that I had been collected for many years were finally realized in my art creation. My creativity is embodiment of all what I like and what I love. I invite you to my world, to the world of Seva. I take great care of all my pieces to make sure I offer the best product I can. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I like to making it.

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